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KDROI, an essential marketing tool for authors

KDROI, a fantastic tool for marketing your book promotions

Marketing your free, Permafree, and 99¢ Books?

KDROI is a wicked amazing for your marketing needs! Have you ever been to Author Marketing Club? They have a list of sites that accept free and bargain books, most of them allowing for free submissions. But it can take hours to go through the whole list.

So Book Marketing Tools created a submission tool – enter the information in once, and it goes out to several sites all at once. Waaaay easier, but it costs about $30 a pop. Not bad, considering the time you save, but there’s an even better solution.


Much like Book Marketing Tools’ submission tool, KDROI takes just a few clicks to spread the word to several sites (currently around 30). Boom! You’re done. And the best part, it’s a pay once model, so once you buy the tool, it’s yours to use over and over.

The program gets regular updates, updating the list of sites, and the functionality, though it’s pretty well set at this point.


You can submit your free (goes to all the sites), 99¢ (goes to a little less than the free sites), or permafree (goes to the fewest, but still around 10 or so) promotions. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Submit your promotion at least a week ahead. There’s a 7 day cutoff, so if you wait too late, you won’t be able to use the tool.
  • You can only submit a promotion for your book once in a given period. It’s only a warning, but if you’re running a promo for the beginning of September, you should wait until after that promo runs before submitting another promo.
  • You need to be on the page of the book you’re promoting whenever you open the tool. It closes down when you access new info (if it wasn’t able to pull your bio or the cover of your book, etc.). Get the info, copy, and go back to the book page before reopening the program, or you risk losing all the info you uploaded. Not terribly time consuming if you forget, but definitely annoying.
  • Not all books will be accepted at all sites. You may have 11 sites on the list checked when you choose permafree, but chances are about 3-4 of those won’t go through. This is for various reasons.
  • Check your emails to see if any of the submissions require an email confirmation from you.
  • There’s an extension for Chrome and for Firefox, but I’ve found that the Chrome one works better. (In fact, it seems like everything works better with Chrome…)

All in all, though, it’s a great tool. I’ve used this for several promotions. You can see it’s working when the emails start flooding in. The promos it submits are all free, but you can upgrade many of them for guaranteed exposure.

Even better, the developer keeps updating. This is especially important because promotion sites come and go. This program means you don’t have to miss new opportunities, or waste your time hunting down old ones that are no longer running.

KDROI is a great tool to use, especially for the thrifty marketer, and it makes a great addition to any paid slots you’re running.

What are your favorite book marketing tools?


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